…the New York-based trio imbues every second of their debut disc with impressive faux Oklahoma sass and authentic roots music savvy.

The Chalks exhibit some first-rate bluegrass harmonies (“Boll Weevil”) and employ a sharp acoustic sense (“Wait Weight”) on some snappy upbeat numbers (“Hot Rod Diggity Dawg”). Yet it is the bite of the respective character’s humor that makes this 10-song outing so appealing. Judeen is the kinky one (“Hog Tied & Hog Wild”) who realizes that it isn’t Christian to wish one’s ex dead, so she prays that he’ll be struck with a lingering illness instead (“Prayer In Open G”). Judelle is the whiskey guzzling, pill popping bad girl with a homemade tattoo (Judelle’s Blues”), and Belva? Well, Belva is just a slut who has a habit of turning up missing (“The Ballad of Belva Chalk”).

Catty and catchy, cabaret yet country, if the “Sex and the City” cast were a traveling group of witty white trash singers, this is what they’d sound like.

—Ken Burke, Country Standard Time

…The threesome, inventive and excellent musicians, played their redneck sister roles to the hilt and treated their audience to high-test country music spoofery.

Song titles suggest the levity. “Hog Wild & Hog Tied,” “Straight Laced By Day Black Lace By Night.” A rip-roaring gospel number, Lasso of the Lord. Then there was Belva’s tearful confession of being abducted by an alien spaceship. Beyond the running gags, The Chalk gang’s guitars, vocals, country fiddle and washboard kept the room swaying and foot-tapping. Country music was never more fun.

—Peter Leavey, Cabaret Scenes

More Fun Than Should Be Legal! Best of 2003 List

—Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

…The talent just kept on coming: Ritt Henn, The Chalks, Kate Schindle, etc., etc., …

—Barbara & Scott Seigel,

Nice jacket.

—Ben Vereen (to Judeen backstage at the 2003 MAC Awards)