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Judeen, Judelle and Belva Chalk were born and raised in Boggy Depot, Oklahoma where they spent their childhood plucking on shoebox guitars, improvising bluegrass harmonies, and steering clear of their drunken daddy. They made their professional debut on the Christian Music Caravan at the ages of 6, 6 ¾ and 7 ½ respectively. At that time they were known as Faith, Hope and Charity, the Li’l Angels, the Cutest Li’l Christians, and The Li’l Chalk Girls, depending on the child labor laws in any given state. Burning Bush Records signed them to a recording contract, the “Li’l” was dropped from their name, and THE CHALKS soon scored with “Nobody Loves Me ’Cept Jesus,” their first of many hits for that label.




During the Burning Bush years, Judelle and Belva got into their share of mischief and misdemeanors, but it was Judeen’s infamous sado-masochistic affair with her minister of music that cost The Chalks their career in Christian music. But there was one thing The Chalks knew for sure — when the Lord closes a door, He always opens a window. So as soon as they could hot-wire a pick-up, they were off to Nashville, a town where a past filled with shame, poverty and disgrace could only help one’s career opportunities. Before long they had turned lemons into lemonade when the incident-inspired song “Hog Wild & Hog Tied” (LP Straight Laced By Day, Black Lace By Night) put The Chalks on the Country Music map.